We know that shifting the centuries-old punishment and incarceration status quo is not easy and will require the collective efforts of many.

Catalyze Justice equips and supports leaders as they undertake and advance youth justice transformation. We provide advising and coaching, research, and strategic communications support to help partners get where they want to go. 



In Puerto Rico, we work closely with system and advocate partners as they close one of two remaining youth facilities and increase investment in community-based care. Our work includes: helping stakeholders get federal funding in place for their community-based work, strategizing around messaging for different audiences to cultivate support, and coaching stakeholders on how to reduce lengths of stay for youth.

Strategy and Vision-setting

We advise on overall strategy, including clarifying our partners’ goals, identifying the levers for change, and helping them connect with allies and champions. We provide ongoing coaching and consultation to sustain momentum and to help meet challenges as they emerge.


The Public Welfare Foundation engaged us to consider what a community-led approach to youth justice would entail and could look like in the future. Over a 9-month period, we worked with a range of community partners and other experts to dive into this question and recommend proposals to address this question. As the initiative moves forward, we will convene an organized cohort of community leaders to develop a comprehensive community-led youth justice approach and design a local and national plan for implementation, including working with our partners to develop concrete strategies for tackling salient obstacles as they emerge.

Design, Planning, and Implementation

We help leaders tackle pressing issues and advance a new vision of youth justice. We integrate and apply research and past experience to support implementation of new approaches. We also help stand up and manage change initiatives from their early stages of development through full implementation, as needed.


Taking on Transformation is an online hub that compiles and disseminates information about how to transform youth justice and create pathways to safety and well-being for youth outside of formal systems, including a multi-volume desk guide and other resources. ToT was developed to help system leaders understand how to operationalize and execute transformation in ways that are consistent with key values, including racial justice and equity, centering youth and families, and pursuing bold visions. ToT is leveraged by our team and other partners to support our advising and engagements with different sites and organizations.

Product, Tool, and Resource Development

We develop products, tools, and resources for learning, action, and reflection. These products range from helping partners shape future visions; understand how to undertake large-scale transformation processes; distill research and practice to inform future thinking; and reflect on current work.